-We are already sellers in major market places such as Amazon, Flipkart & 2Gud.

Amazon Storefront - http://tiny.cc/kjj7ez
In Flipkart & 2Gud you can find us under the store name SARFBazaar.

SARF Bazaar website provides few sign up credits as gift for new buyer signup. That amount you can check under your account wallet. Amount available in wallet can be used only while checking out the products which you have added in your cart. This is a purely commercial gift given for new buyer signup & it can be used only for purchasing items on www.sarfbazaar.in website. This cash back cannot be transferred as any kind of amount to your bank account, SARF Bazaar reserves all the rights to add or remove the wallet option in the website.

How can I label my saved cards?

You can specify a card label at the time of saving a card on Sarfbazaar.in through the 'My Account' section. You can also add/edit the label anytime through 'My Saved Cards' in the 'My Account' section on sarfbazaar.in.

How do I know my order has been confirmed?

Once your order has been logged and payment authorization has been received, the merchant confirms receipt of the order and begins processing it. You will receive an email containing the details of your order. In this mail you will be provided with a unique 4 or 5 digit Order ID (eg. 1234/12345), a listing of the item(s) you have ordered and the expected delivery time. You will also be notified when the merchant ships the item(s) to you. Shipping details will be provided with the respective tracking number in your Sarfbazaar.in account.


I chose the wrong EMI plan while making the payment using 'Credit Card No Cost EMI' option. Can I change it now?

No. However, in case your order hasn't been Shipped or delivered yet, you can cancel it and place a new order by selecting your preferred EMI plan. Orders for certain items cannot be cancelled after 24 hours of order placement. Please check the merchant's cancellation policy on the product page for details.


I missed the delivery of my order today. What should I do?

The courier service delivering your order usually tries to deliver on the next business day in case you miss a delivery. You can check your SMS for more details on when the courier service will try to deliver again.

Will the delivery be tried again if I'm not able to collect my order the first time?

Couriers make sure that the delivery is re-attempted the next working day if you can't collect your order the first time.

The delivery of my order is delayed. What should I do?

On the rare occasion that your order is delayed, please check your email & messages for updates. A new delivery timeframe will be shared with you and you can also track its status by visiting shipping provider website.


What should I do if my order is approved but hasn't been shipped yet?

Merchant usually ship orders 1-2 business days before the delivery date so that they reach you on time. In case your order hasn't been shipped within this time please contact our Customer Support so that we can look into it.


Can I take the shipment after opening and checking the contents inside?

As per company policy, a shipment cannot be opened before delivery, but you can accept the shipment and get in touch with us later in case you have any concerns. The max time to raise concern is within 24 hours.

How can I cancel my order?

Kindly login to the website with your credentials, go to Orders & kindly click cancel option. You can also call us, Whatsapp or email in the number provided in website for cancellation.

Modified As - Kindly login to the website with your credentials, go to Orders & kindly click cancel option. Once we received cancellation request we will call, check & cancel your order.

What do I do if I received wrong product?

In Case if you haven’t received your exact order, kindly reach us through Call/Whatsapp/Email/SMS with our working hours. You need to take a video or picture of the received contents as it is. Our internal team will check & update regarding the case. SARF Bazaar needs some time to resolve this kind of case. All the shipments sent through SARF Bazaar has been monitored 24*7 by CCTV.


Modified As - In Case if you haven’t received your exact order, raise a request in your account. You need to take a video or picture of the received contents as it is & send it to us. Our internal team will check & update regarding the case. SARF Bazaar needs some time to resolve this kind of case

If I request for a replacement, when will I get it?

Visit My Orders to check the status of your replacement. Kindly take the product first to service centre & get it serviced. If service centre denied the warranty, kindly get the DOA/Job Sheet from service centre & once the product shipped back to us & after checking the item, replacement will be initiated. To get replacement buyer can either send his item through his own courier or he can send through the courier which will be arranged by Merchant. Please check the SMS & email we send you for your replacement request for more details.


Modified As – Since your product is under Manufacturer warranty kindly take your product to the service centre.  In case if customer care denies warranty kindly raise a ticket, so our customer support will help you in claiming the replacement of that product.

Can items be returned after the time period mentioned in the seller's Returns Policy?

No. SARF Bazaar website provides 10 days replacement or refund guarantee within which if you found any issues in your product. Sellers will not be able to accept returns after the time period mentioned in the seller's Returns Policy.

You can raise a request to return your items with these simple steps:

  1. Log into your Sarfbazaar.in account
  2. Go to My Orders
  3. Click on 'Refund Request' against the item you wish to return or exchange
  4. Fill in the details and raise a return request

Once you raise a request, you'll get an email and SMS confirming that your request is being processed. Based on the item, your request may be automatically approved or you may be contacted for more details. If the request is approved, the item will be picked up after which you will get a replacement or refund. You can also track the status of your return request instantly from the 'My Orders' section of your Sarfbazaar.in account.


Do I have to return the freebie when I return a product?

Yes, the freebie has to be returned along with the product in original packing with all accessories if buyer needed refund. If freebie’s not received then partial refund only will be done.


I can’t see the 'Cancel' button but after the return period time. Why?

A greyed out and disabled 'Cancel' button can mean any one of the following:

  1. The item has been delivered already & crossed return day policy.

How can I label my saved cards?

You can specify a card label at the time of saving a card on Sarfbazaar.in through the 'My Account' section. You can also add/edit the label anytime through 'My Saved Cards' in the 'My Account' section on Sarfbazaar.in.


What payment method I can use?

You will be able to use all kind of payment methods such as Credit Card/Debit Card (All Visa & Master Card), American Express, Net Banking, UPI & Wallets.


Chargeback & Refund

The Merchant agrees that payment made in respect of any Customer Order, in respect of which the Customer or Issuing Bank raises a claim, demand, dispute or chargeback on the merchant for any reason whatsoever shall be the financial responsibility of the buyer. The chargeback or refund shall be processed as per the set processes of Acquiring Banks, the issuing Banks and the Card Companies. Once the chargeback or refund is adjudicated and the buyer is ordered to make payment of the chargeback amount of such uncollectible charge as the case may be without any demur or protest, dispute or delay. The buyer hereby agrees that all refunds and chargeback’s shall be the sole responsibility of the buyer and Merchant shall not be liable for any claims or disputes which may arise in connection with such refunds or Chargeback’s. Buyer has to wait for the timeframe which is given by bank.


Shipping Policy


What are the standard shipping speeds and delivery charges?

Standard Shipping Speeds and Delivery charges vary based on the destination pincode entered. All the orders which will be shipped through our website will be Free of Cost. Delivery charges and shipping timelines may vary based on courier companies. Delivery timeline is displayed on the product page.


Why are faster delivery options not available at my location?

Faster delivery options may not be available at your location due to courier related reasons but we’re trying to expand our services to include more places. Stay tuned for updates!


Are faster delivery options like Same Day & In-a-Day available on return requests?

No, however, we try our best to have your item(s) picked up by our courier service providers & get you the replacement as soon as possible.


Why can't I get some items shipped to my location?

Some courier doesn’t cover certain locations due to the cost involved and this is entirely at their discretion. You can check with your pincode on the product page to see whether that product can be shipped to your location.

What can i do if my parcel is tampered/received as damaged & any other issues?

If your shipment has been received like tampered conditions or as Open Box/damaged, kindly don’t accept the delivery & kindly reject the parcel. We will issue a full refund if it’s returned back to origin. In case if you accepted the parcel then kindly checks the contents of the package & if you found any items have been missing then kindly report to us within 24 hours. If any complaints filed after the given specific time then it will not be considered.

I see that the warranty terms for my product have changed on Sarfbazaar.in from when I bought the product. Will this affect my warranty?

No. The warranty terms for your product will be the same as when you got the product & will not affect your warranty in any way.


I lost my warranty card. How can I get warranty?

Please contact our Customer Support and we will help you with the details.


How can I claim warranty for my product?

You can claim the warranty for your product by using the invoice at any authorized service centre of the brand.


I want to check my warranty details for the product but I don’t have the warranty card. What should I do?

You can get warranty for your product even without a warranty card. Please use the invoice which we provide will serve as your warranty claim at any authorized service centre of the brand.


There is a mismatch in warranty terms between Sarfbazaar.in and the brand's website. What will happen to the warranty on my product now?

The mismatch could be because of the change in warranty terms for the product over time. Rest assured, you will be entitled to the terms listed on the warranty card that was provided to you at the time of purchase.


There is no seal on the warranty card I got. How will I claim warranty?

The seal on the warranty card is not mandatory for the warranty to be valid. The invoice you received along with the product can be used to claim warranty for the product as it has the details of your purchase.


Issue still not resolved?

Feel free to talk to us about any queries or feedback. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

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